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Satellite Vs. Cable: The Great Debate

Many people have strong opinions one way or another about cable and satellite television. In big towns and cities where both are available, people tend to prefer cable. This is especially the case in huge cities where buildings often obstruct clear views of the sky. There are also factors such as channels and pricing. Many cable and satellite companies offer Internet bundles that can range in price. There are a lot of things that can affect pricing in a region.

One of the biggest complaints that people have about satellite is the effects of poor weather. It also has a slower connection speed than fiber optic cables. This is a huge problem for businesses that need fast Internet. However, satellite is often the only option available to people who live out in rural areas. Cable companies can only operate in established areas that already have a fiber optic network that they can use. Rural areas that do not have these networks have to rely on satellite for both their Internet and television needs. This can be a drag when it comes to keeping up with shows that are not carried by satellite providers. Some satellite companies do not carry channels such as AMC.

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